Trevor Matthews

Many of you will be aware of the sad loss of Trevor Matthews in January. Trevor was a co-founder of the Museum as well as a Trustee, Director and Administrator. He had also been with the Museum for 50 years so had dedicated a large proportion of his life to it. His loss has of course been devastating to all the staff and has left a huge hole in our armour. However the staff are determined to preserve the Museum as a legacy to Trevor and the other founders who are no longer with us.
To this end the Museum has made changes to its day to day management and is extremely pleased to announce that Caroline Matthews, the widow of Trevor will steer the Museum alongside Sonja Bailey. Caroline will manage the visitor experience and carry out the duties of the Administrator and Sonja Bailey will manage the collection. Both will share the responsibility for the retail arm of the Museum. Dave Campbell who was the Collections Manager will become the Museum's Curator and Advisor.
As far as we are aware we will be the only privately run Aviation Museum to have two women at its helm.

The photo below shows (left to right) Caroline Matthews, Dave Campbell and Sonja Bailey.

On Sunday, 23rd May 2021 Jackie Bartlett, Trevor Matthews' sister and her husband Colin visited the Lashenden Air Warfare Museum to present a Teddy Bear Jackie had made out of one of Trevor's old fleece. The Teddy Bear has a vial of Trevor's ashes in it and has been put in the cockpit of the Reichenberg, an exhibit that was Trevor's pride and joy. This is a fitting tribute to Trevor and one that will stay in the Museum so he can keep his eye on the place and the people within it.
The photo below shows Caroline, Trevor's widow, Jackie Bartlett and Robert, Trevor and Caroline's son.